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  • Whose voice is praying? Whose hands are crafting? Who is Journey Deeper?

    Thank you for visiting Journey Deeper, a nonprofit ministry! My passion is to bring the world deeper in love with Jesus Christ and His church by journeying deeper into daily prayer. I really do believe that prayer changes things! I believe in miracles!  Journey Deeper began in 2018 as a Musical Rosary that I was inspired to write. Growing up in a religious home, I always found the rosary to be a bit monotonous until I grew older. Having our Lord's Mother as my role model, I wanted to inspire others to pray the rosary and experience the true joy of Jesus I have found in my life. On a personal intimate level, I have found that going to Jesus through Mary is absolutely the quickest way to holiness with the least amount of bumps along the road! Jesus delights in us loving His Mother! As we saw in the Wedding Feast at Cana, he certainly never refuses Her! I choose the shortcut 🤍!